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The Mighty Atari 2600, My Story...

Sure I had owned and played PONG but this truly is where it all started for me as far as playing video games at home. I first laid eyes on the Atari 2600 December 1977,  I was living in Alaska and I was 10 Years old, I was  with my parents visiting friends of theirs. I assumed  I would have the normally boring time a child does tend to have on these types of visits, but my world was about to change forever.

I can still recall the first time I laid eyes on this Mighty Piece of Hardware, This Incredible device that would shape the face of home entertainment forever. I was hypnotized by the first game I ever saw on it COMBAT, I mean I was absolutely mesmerized, I could not take my eyes off of this Marvel. At that point I am sure my love of Video Games started and for that reason Combat and the ATARI 2600 will forever hold a very special place for me.


Fast forward 1 year, I am back from Alaska living in the country outside of Edmond Oklahoma. My Dad a pipeliner by trade spends much time away providing for his family is soon to leave to go back to work, at the time he leaves my brothers and I are offered 2 choices,  A Radio Controlled Airplane or an ATARI, now I am not too clear on the verbiage here but I am sure I would only except one option ATARI ATARI ATARI ATARI ATARI. needless to say after I am sure very little deliberation with my older brother he decided on the ATARI as well, my fate was sealed at this point, forever would Video Games be an enjoyable part of my life.


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